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Insights from Alex Gisbert: The transformative power of collaboration at CON-X 2024

At CON-X 2024, Alex Gisbert, a seasoned travel entrepreneur, and event moderator, shared his valuable insights on the evolution of the conference and the exciting developments within the travel tech industry. Here are the key takeaways from his remarks:

Having participated in all the CON-X events, Alex observed a significant shift in the focus and energy of attendees. Initially, people attended to learn and discover the event's potential. This year, however, the emphasis has moved towards active collaboration and business creation. Attendees arrived with pre-scheduled meetings and a clear intention to form alliances and drive tangible business outcomes.

A new era of collaboration

This year's CON-X event is characterized by its dynamic and proactive atmosphere. Participants are not merely attending to learn but to engage actively and forge partnerships. This shift signifies the event's maturation into a platform for generating real business opportunities and fostering meaningful connections. Alex expressed his pride in contributing to the growth of the travel tech industry, especially through his role as an M&A adviser for Travel Soft. He highlighted the monumental achievement of TravelgateX's recent partnership with TravelSoft, which positions them as a leading force in global travel software. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment, propelling TravelgateX into the "Champions League" of travel software.

Exciting times ahead

With the combined strengths and synergies of TravelgateX and TravelSoft, Alex anticipates even more innovative developments and leadership in the travel software arena. He emphasized the privilege of witnessing the collaboration between Pedro Camara and Christian Sabbagh, "two visionary leaders, as they pave the way for future growth and success".

Congratulations to the TravelgateX team

Alex concluded by congratulating the TravelgateX team for their hard work and dedication in securing this significant deal. He looks forward to seeing more groundbreaking advancements from TravelSoft and TravelgateX in the coming years.