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Interview: David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of G2 TL

David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of G2 TL

G2 is a business-to-business global accommodation wholesaler.  Bringing Cutting-edge technology along with a carefully selected portfolio of directly contracted hotels and industry leading customer care to the online distribution sector.  This time, we interviewed David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of the company, who explains how his company uses TravelgateX connectivity and network.

Tell us a bit about you, what you do, your company and how you came to be part of TGX Network?

I have been based in Bangkok, Thailand for over 30 years. Primarily focused on Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, Indochina region. I first cut my teeth at GTA (Gulliver’s Travel Associates) as General Manager where I oversaw huge growth in the Groups/FIT segments. Having now built up G2 as the leading group operator in many Asian markets, the challenge now is to enter the FIT arena once again when technology has moved on significantly.  We came to be part of the TGX Network as we were looking for a partner that could connect us quickly to buyers around the globe where we can distribute our direct hotel contracts.  G2 is very much looking forward to working with TGX in a mutually beneficial way.

What do you think are some of the biggest opportunities for the travel industry in 2021?

To reorganise internally ready for the post Covid environment ensuring the company is poised to take full advantage once business rebounds. Retraining of staff and keeping customers up-to-date with the latest product profiles in your portfolio. This is the time for strong company PR.

Which elements do you consider key success factors in your business model?

Knowing your customer is the key to success.  Ensuring your customers are the right fit for you and keeping fully engaged with established players (customers & suppliers).  Ensuring the technology not only meets but exceeds the company and customer expectations.

What suggestions/challenges do you have for teamX?

It’s essential to continue investing in technology to stay in line with the changing demands of the industry. The Challenge is the relentless pursuit in improving the customer experience ensuring smooth and easy transactions between suppliers and buyers.

What advice do you have for young people just entering the travel technology space?

This is an exciting and continually evolving industry full of opportunities for young people. Young people should understand the full potential of technology in this industry and continue to innovate to consider how users' travel behaviour will respond to it.