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Interview Sanjoy Bhattacharya, CEO Sriggle

Signature is a robust end-to-end platform for Travel &Tourism world developed by industry experts. Backed by state-of-the-art technology with artificial intelligence which reduces turnaround time and enhances business efficiency. It has been carefully crafted to cater to diversified business needs.

The screens are user friendly with easy navigation.  Sriggle's CEO and founder Sanjoy Bhattacharya tells TravelgateX all about the advantages of the platform, his experience with TravelgateX and much more!

- Tell us a bit about you, what you do and your company.

- Travel has always been important to me. Like many Indians entrepreneurs, much of my experience and ideas come from time spent overseas. In my case my journey started in the travel industry when I joined a Swiss travel company, Kuoni where later I became global head of IT and relocated to Dubai.
In Dubai, I saw the inefficiencies in so many of the back-office processes of the Kuoni subsidiaries. Before I could sort it out, Kuoni itself was broken up. That’s when, in 2015, I was inspired start Sriggle and its platform Signature.
I designed Signature from the users’ perspective, eliminating hassles where I could, but keeping the system configurable so it could fit all sorts and sizes of businesses. So out of the box, Signature is a master data ready system which makes it hassle-free and faster to implement and going live.
Signature is a comprehensive and flexible back-office solution. It eliminates manual processes, and we’ve grown through bringing greater efficiencies to our clients through automation and eliminating the need for handling multiple systems. For many, Signature covers all the bases: contracting, accounts, quotes, B2B partner management, and so on.

- What are some of the biggest challenges for your sector right now?

- The pandemic aside, in travel ensuring sales are more profitable will be a big challenge for everybody when things do open up. What our clients are saying to us is Signature has tidied up and automated away the inefficiencies, now please start introducing features that boost our margins. For instance, improving distribution, is a good way to get more revenue from the same contracts. All Signature users can open their inventory up to anybody else on the platform, without charges. The margin from those extra sales goes straight to the bottom line. And in the same way our partnership with TravelgateX, wihich enables TravelgateX’s customers to access the inventory that is on Signature, and vice versa. A definite win-win!!!

-What do you think are some of the biggest opportunities for the travel industry in 2021?

- Better use of data has got to be near the top. Travel generates data at every stage, search, buying, travelling and reviewing. Very little of all that mountain of data is ever analysed. And of the few organisations that do much analysis, how many systematically drive their analysis through to boosting profits? Not many. On Signature we’re already using machine learning to boost efficiency in the back office. Going forward we’ll be doing more of that and turning our attention to the front office. I think that’ll keep us busy, and not only in 2021.

- What is a crazy or out-of-the-box product or technology that you would personally like to?

- I get inspired by some of the stuff I see other entrepreneurs doing. I saw something on TV about Elon Musk’s brain computer interface company Neuralink. Imagine services you could build if you REALLY knew what people wanted. With all the power of data analytics, Sriggle could design an interface that in an instance could build the holiday of somebody’s dreams, literally!! It might not be here tomorrow, but even without direct brain link, I think improving data analysis will be something that will make travel recommendations a lot better, so we’ll work on that in the meantime.

- What do you think about TravelgateX? What suggestions/challenges would you give to the teamX?

- TeamX are excellent and our experience was amazing working with them. I found them very pro-active and helpful throughout the integration process.
My suggestion/challenge to the team is to make sure you keep driving forward with enabling new product niches to be accessible, keep it interesting.
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