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Meet TeamX: Adrian Suarez, Connectivity Maintenance Manager


TravelgateX is a travel connectivity market network, connecting more than 1,000 travel industry partners, manages more than 3 billion searches and completes more than 30,000 bookings per day. In this interview, Adrian Suarez, Connectivity Maintenance Manager of the company explains technically what to expect in the next year regarding connections. 

-Adrian, what's your take on connectivity this year?

Connections have started to pick up steam during 2021, especially from the summer months onwards. We have noticed that the number of new connections have been gradually increasing throughout the year, but in August the growth curve has been more noticeable. I think the team's most important achievement has been the fast activation of new connections and the efficient maintenance of the existing ones. Being a year when the market has started to wake up, being prepared for the volume of work has been our greatest achievement. 

- What can tourism companies that need connectivity expect in 2022? What do you propose from TGX?

Travel companies can expect a large volume of connections in 2022. It's a promising year, and TGX will be there to help make those connections as fast as possible and generate business as soon as possible. 

- What is needed for successful connectivity? What do customers need to consider? 

Simply have the necessary information for connectivity, this depends on each Seller. Thanks to our automated connect form, if you have the necessary information it is very easy to create a connection and start doing business. 

-How much can a business improve if it uses TGX and in which aspects? 

- One of the most important things TGX can offer in terms of business is the possibility to connect with anyone, whether it's a Seller looking for customers, or a Buyer looking for suppliers. In addition, all the add on solutions that TGX gives, such as dashboards, statistics, log manager, as well new versions, update and maintenance of the connections, are some of the best points that the company has. 

- What are the future developments in terms of connectivity? 

Our team has been working on a new, super fast way of building a new integration for while now, and I hope that we will be able to release this soon. What we are trying to do with this is to make every connection easier and faster. 

- Will 2022 be the year we wake up from all this post-pandemic travel?  

As I explained before,  2022 promises to be a year when everything is going to skyrocket in terms of connections. More and more customers will want to come back to the market, and more and more providers will want to come back to the market.