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Jari Virtanten at CON-X 2024: "No limits, just focus"

Jari Virtanen

At CON-X 2024, Jari Virtanten participated in a round table, giving an inspiring talk on the importance of focus and customer value in the travel industry. He emphasized the need for a strategic approach to technology investment, highlighting that dispersing resources can hinder overall efficiency. Instead, Virtanten advocated concentrating efforts on delivering relevant and valuable products to customers through technology.

Virtanten, a speaker at CON-X 2024, cautioned against limiting ourselves, but stressed the importance of strategic investment in technology. We need to be aware of where we invest our money in technology. We tend to invest everywhere and, as a result, we don't stand out anywhere. There are no limits, but we should focus on customer value and make sure we offer a relevant product, which is largely through technology today.

AI-driven travel innovations
Virtanten also talked about exciting developments at his company Stena Line, such as the launch of one of the first AI-driven travel planning tools. This tool allows users to plan complex and personalised trips with ease. ‘We have launched one of the world's first AI-powered travel planning technology tools. You can create a 12-day round trip in Spain and a four-day round trip in Portugal, combining ferries and flights. It can be extensively modified and customised. My presentation focused on how AI will improve the customer experience in the travel industry,’ he explained.

The AI tool simplifies the process, allowing users to customise their trips with a few clicks and share them with their friends. This innovation represents a major leap forward in the way technology can enhance customers‘ travel experiences.’

Celebrating TravelgateX's achievements
Virtanten also took the opportunity to congratulate Pedro Camara and the TravelgateX team on their recent achievements. ‘I have known Pedro for many years and I get goosebumps when I hear about the fantastic achievement they have made. They have successfully closed a major deal, and the event is perhaps the best in the world for the travel technology sector,’ he said.

He praised CON-X for its quality and importance in the travel technology sector, and expressed his hope that TravelgateX will continue to organise this remarkable event under its new ownership. ‘Coming to CON-X is very easy every year, and I certainly hope that TravelgateX will continue to do so even under new ownership,’ Virtanten added.

Looking to the future
Jari Virtanten's comments at CON-X 2024 underline the importance of focus, strategic investment and customer value in the travel industry. His company's AI-powered travel planning tool exemplifies how technology can revolutionise travel experiences. As CON-X 2024 comes to a close, the travel technology community looks forward to more innovations and achievements from leaders like Virtanten and TravelgateX.