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Marta Blazejczyk: “TravelgateX has proved to be amazingly effective”

Marta Blazejczyk is responsible for Business Development at AC TOURS Group, a dynamic company in constant growth. In this interview, she tells us about his case of growth and connectivity with other clients thanks to the TravelgateX connections.

How has AC TOURS Group benefited from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?

TravelgateX has proved to be amazingly effective. Since we’re premium partners we completed a number of XML integrations which has made our partnership much more efficient and helped to further grow the FIT department, moving clients from only working offline to have a closer collaboration including adding new clients as a result of the integration. Having a premium partnership agreement with TravelgateX has enabled businesses to choose us as its UK-based specialist DMC. We have been introduced to new buyers which have helped promote our particular specialist areas which have proven to be a perfect match and a win-win.

Why Join AC TOURS? How it’s work?

AC Tours, part of AC Group, is a dynamic and fast-growing company where we all work as a team sharing ideas with flexibility and responsibility to deliver on our targets. It can be hard work but it is always recognized, and good fun. We’re constantly growing and currently have a number of new positions to fill – so if you want to join us have a look at our LinkedIn profile for how to apply.

How TravelgateX has helped you to empower your connectivity?

We have access to a live dashboard where we can find all information regarding traffic, overall performance as well as access to logs including functionality to read these – which provide details of errors to help us investigate easier. TravelgateX also helps a lot with monitoring, improving and eliminating errors from the future.  We also were provided with a monthly report with comparisons, statistics, and graphs about overall performance.  These are all very useful tools and information we used to improve and get better results for our clients and as a company.

Why did you decide to use TravelgateX?

We were looking at the options to connect buyers in a more convenient, easier and quicker way. TravelgateX allows us to connect to a buyer relatively quick with no cost involved to the buyer. We had nothing to lose and heard only good things about TravelgateX. We do not regret it even for one second.

What is in your perspective the Unique Selling Proposition of our Platform?

The immediate support – willingness to understand and help! Sad to say these days some other platforms on the market invest in marketing instead of focusing on helping clients and suppliers – no matter how big or small! The TravelgateX team is always there to get things working.

Which departments in your company are in contact with the platform?

The whole Sales and IT team.

What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable?

There is not one and the only aspect I find most valuable. It really works! We sell and we do grow thanks to TGX. They really do connect people. The team is very friendly, quick to answer and solve issues (if there ever are any!). There is excellent willingness, communication, and initiative! It’s a key in partnership with TGX.


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