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Optimizing Hotel Distribution: SiteMinder's Transformation with TravelgateX


In this interview, Rosa Lopez, Director of Ecosystems and Strategic Partnerships at SiteMinder, shares how TravelgateX has supported the company’s groundbreaking channel manager that is today the renowned leader in the market, used by more than 39,000 hotels in 150 countries worldwide.

- How long have you been using TravelgateX to support your Channel Manager?

- We have been working with TravelgateX since 2018.

- Which TravelgateX features do you find most useful in your role as Channel Manager?

- We see our purpose at SiteMinder as opening up every hotel’s access to the world of online commerce, primarily through a platform that offers hotels unbeatable revenue. Providing hotels with unrivalled power and performance forms a big part of that offering, and so we strive to provide not only hundreds of distribution channels that hotels can be booked through, but to provide the channels that truly matter. With TravelgateX, we’ve been able to rapidly expand the distribution channels, both B2B and B2C, to which our hotel commerce platform connects globally to generate over 100 million hotel bookings each year. This capability is especially valuable when connecting to local or specialised sales channels where direct integration is complex for some partners.

- In your opinion, how has TravelgateX improved or impacted the efficiency of your operations as Channel Manager?

- TravelgateX has worked with us to further simplify channel connectivity for hotels, as well as streamline processes, reduce costs and save time. Ultimately, this also means that our hotel customers can extend their reach, automate tasks and gain a competitive advantage quickly.

- What business opportunities have you identified through the use of TravelgateX?

- We have been able to pursue opportunities for our hotel commerce platform to integrate with many more distribution channels around the world, across multiple segments. It would have been a challenge for our partners to offer these opportunities to our hotel customer base, cost-effectively and at speed, without TravelgateX.

- How has TravelgateX contributed to the expansion of your customer or partner base?

- Adding new distribution channels to our platform has piqued the interest of our hotel customers, particularly in markets that strategically are not our primary focus or where, for various reasons, supporting direct connectivity doesn’t quite make sense for our business.

- Have you noticed any changes in demand for specific services or destinations through the TravelgateX platform, and to what extent do you feel TravelgateX has helped you access new markets or traveller segments?

- TravelgateX has played an important role in SiteMinder growth in certain regions and markets, enabling us to add value to our hotel customers quickly and efficiently.

- As the travel industry continues to evolve, how do you think TravelgateX can help you stay relevant and competitive?

- TravelgateX's adaptability and connectivity will continue to be beneficial in allowing us to provide speed-to-market in line with a fast-paced, constantly-evolving travel industry.

- Do you have any advice or suggestions for other Channel Managers considering using TravelgateX to improve their operations and business opportunities?

- SiteMinder has enjoyed a positive collaboration with TravelgateX, which has enabled us to open up partnerships that otherwise would have been unnecessarily challenging or taken longer to achieve. If other platforms have similar motivations, then working with TravelgateX is certainly beneficial.