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PKFARE Partners with TravelgateX to streamline hotel connections and expand global network


Jason Sui, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of PKFARE, discusses how the collaboration with TravelgateX has helped PKFARE overcome challenges in hotel content integration, accelerate business connections, and drive efficiency in the travel industry. Jason recommends other travel companies to consider partnering with TravelgateX for enhanced innovation and market responsiveness.

Tell us about your business - What does it do?
PKFARE is a global B2B travel trade marketplace, sourcing, aggregating and providing information on air tickets, hotel and accommodations. Empowered by its global resources, machine learning technology, and dynamic hedging and payment model, PKFARE provides global travel players with integrated solutions including real time inventory data, best buy rate, seamless multilingual customer service and diversified product portfolios. PKFARE offers live inventories covering 600+ airlines and 650,000+ hotel properties across over 100 countries and regions.

What are the main challenges you face in your business?
For hotel business, PKFARE is looking to connect as many quality hotel contents as possible and meanwhile expand buyer network. However, there are a huge amount of hotel suppliers scattered globally, making it very time and cost consuming to do API integration. Basically, this is the main challenge we were facing.

What made you decide to use our products or services?
First, we highly value the massive accommodation coverage TravelgateX provides via hundreds of suppliers plugged into its platform. Besides, As a tech-driven company, PKFARE shares the same vision as TravelgateX and aims to address various challenges in fine-tuned channel operations through technological means. This strategic alignment between PKFARE and TravelgateX reflects a strong synergy in the approach to solving industry problems.

Furthermore, it was also recommended by many of our hotel partners that TravelgateX being a connector would enable us to expand our hotel partner network rapidly.

What are the products or services you use at TravelgateX?
We are using TravelgateX hotel supplier API and buyer API. Partners who are TravelgateX API certified can connect with PKFARE and source / offer hotel inventories with a simple connection.

How did you find our company, and why did you decide to work with us?
One of our key prospects introduced TravelageX for connection. After commercial and technical evaluation, we decided to work with TravelgateX to expedite the business connections with the key prospects and other potential partners.

How did our solutions help you address the specific challenges you were facing?
We see TravelgateX as an important partner for PKFARE. Foremost, it smoothed the API integrations and shortened the decision-making process when we need to expand our suppliers and buyers networks. We can test and evaluate the suppliers’ contents in a faster mode. That may help with identifying the best resources we may distribute to our channels. On the contrary, our buyers can also do the same to easier connect with us and optimize their inventories and pricing strategy.

What have been the outstanding results and achievements you have gained through our collaboration?
TravelgateX is the first switch platform PKFARE collaborated with. Through TravelgateX we quickly get access to our partners and vice versa, hence it helped us reduced the cost of API integration and boosted efficiency dramatically. As a result, the amount of accommodation transactions greatly increased shortly after we started the partnership with TravelgateX.

Advice and recommendations for other professionals in your industry.
I believe partnering with TravelgateX would empower travel companies to focus more on innovation and respond promptly to the ever-changing technology and market. Therefore, I would recommend other travel companies to cooperate with TravelgateX as well.