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Recommended connections to increase your business


Millions of tourism companies of all sizes, from startups to the largest, are looking to increase their business. In the market, there are many tools that make this possible, such as analytics and data, which have become one of the greatest assets. 

It is known that in the future there will be no business activity that does not gain a competitive advantage from data analysis, but currently few companies are prepared to advance their business analytics initiatives and obtain maximum business value. Now is the time to invest in technology and advanced analytics to gain a better understanding of the tourism markets with the most potential, as well as the most appropriate partners for a realistic growth plan.

Following this premise, TavelgateX, the tourism connections marketplace, has a lot to contribute. It has a volume of data that allows predicting behaviors, showing opportunities or trends in the sector, in addition to providing enough technology to drive decision-making in the growth of any tourism company.

To make this possible, the platform offers a new functionality of personalized suggestions for new connections based on their usage data within the platform. Thanks to different algorithms, this feature will help you grow not only a Partner's business network, but also its booking volume, as it will connect you with the most relevant customers based on their business patterns.

To access all this, if you are not yet part of our Marketplace, the first step is to Signup on our website, develop our API (Buyer/Seller), activate the first Partner and generate traffic. If you want to learn more about how to connect to increase your business, visit our Knowledge Page.