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“Technology is the key to getting a return on investment nowadays”

This company has been among the great names in the world of tourism since 1840. It is also a company firmly focused on technology, always keeping one step ahead, finding out what the travellers of the future will demand. Thanks to this commitment, Abreu Viagens has been – and always will be – a benchmark in the travel sector.
It is known as the largest tour operator in Portugal (both for individuals and groups). In essence it is a family business, traditional and personal, but without forgetting the importance of innovation and commitment to the most revolutionary technological advances. This is where Abreu meets TravelgateX, and the starting point of a relationship that grows stronger each year.
At the latest edition of FITUR we met up with their sales manager Ana Pérez, who told us what it means to her company to be able to use the connectivity provided by TravelgateX, and how they face the constant changes taking place in the tourism industry.

Ana Pérez. Fitur 2020.

What and who is Abreu Viagens in the world of travel?

Abreu is a very traditional tour operator that consists of travel agencies, DMCs and transport of goods. Some fifteen years ago we opened Abreu Online and since then we act as a whole seller, offering hotels worldwide to all our clients, API clients and website clients.

How important is technology to you, and why?

Technology is very important these days. We can see how our clients adapt to technology and we have discovered that working with partners like TravelgateX gives us the advantage of being able to connect worldwide faster, and to get a better return on investment. That is why technology is one of the top priorities in the online market at present.

Since when does Abreu work with TravelgateX?

We have been working together for around five years, and we aim to continue. Our goal is to keep growing together to increase business and continue to generate new and better contacts. 

What added value does TravelgateX provide?

TravelgateX provides us with a number of added values: technology, the reliability they offer, the connection network… And, most importantly: not only do they allow us to move faster, we can help them grow as well, distributing their content worldwide.

Could you define what TravelgateX is to you in 3 words?

Yes, of course. To us, TravelgateX is trustworthy, reliable and offers an excellent network of connections.