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What types of travelers already have their reservations for the upcoming months?

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TravelgateX visualizes the data for the types of travelers of the next months (September-December) and predicts what kind of travellers are making reservations for the first months of 2021.

It is still difficult to imagine the world after the coronavirus. Once the most serious stage of the pandemic is over and the restrictions are lifted, some measures will still be necessary: the use of masks, social distancing or the prohibition of large crowds.

In the travel sector, it is certain that at some point hotels and accommodation services will open, but the security measures that can be adopted in each of them are unknown. On the other hand, many accommodations will have to reinvent their commercial and visibility proposals, and for this they will have to know the types of travelers who will be booking the most in the future.

Ways of travelling

On the other hand, it is evident that the ways of traveling will also change, for this reason, TravelgateX makes public what type of travelers are booking through the “Covid-19 Monitoring” panel, prepared by the Insights-X team. https://www.travelgatex.com/covid-19.

Until now, the trend registered in the platform for the coming summer months showed a trend of greater intention to travel by couples (45.9% of bookings) and groups (29.5%). However, and with the global crisis of COVID19, we will have to wait to see the evolution of the travel sector. 

If we look back and analyze the traveler profile between the months of September and December 2019, we observe that mainly the reservations were made by couples: couples 51%, families 19.7%, individuals 22.2%, groups 13% (*)

We do not know yet how we will be able to travel, although a certain change in trend is beginning to be seen through the bookings made for the last months of the year (September – December) compared to the previous year: bookings for couples and groups increase while trips decrease family and individuals: couples 65%, groups 17%, individuals 8%, families 8.3% (*)

And who will travel in the first three months of 2021?

According to reservations made through the TravelgateX platform, 63% of passengers who will travel between January 1 and March 31, 2021 will be couples, followed by groups (20%), families (7.5%) and individual travelers (7.7%).

(*) References: Only: 1 Adult | Couple: 2 Adults | Family: 2 Adults 1 child | Group: more than 2 adults

About TravelgateX

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