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TravelgateX reduces 20% of their cloud cost with Huawei Cloud

TravelgateX & Huawei Cloud

As the hospitality industry navigates through the aftermath of the global pandemic, it's become clear that digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity for survival. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of cloud technology as businesses in this sector seek to scale and optimize operations while keeping costs low. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how TravelgateX is leading this charge by providing innovative cloud solutions for the hospitality industry. With its unparalleled ability to handle millions of transactions per day and process vast amounts of data with ease, TravelgateX is setting new benchmarks in this space. By leveraging the cloud's inherent cost-effectiveness and agility, TravelgateX is empowering businesses in the hospitality world where customer experience and operational efficiency are critical. 

Discover TravelgateX with Huawei Cloud!

Connectivity marketplace  

TravelgateX, a leading connectivity marketplace in the travel industry, is revolutionizing the way buyers and sellers of travel products interact. With its innovative technology, they provide an all-in-one solution for travel agencies and websites looking to expand their offerings without the hassle of integrating multiple APIs from different sellers. By connecting to their API, buyers gain access to a wide range of travel opportunities through a standardized feed from all their sellers, eliminating the need for multiple integrations.

Sellers also benefit from TravelgateX's extensive distribution network, which offers unmatched reach and cross-selling options. Whether you're a tour operator, OTA, bedbank, or DMC, TravelgateX provides an ideal platform to sell your products and connect with a diverse pool of potential customers. 

With its vast connectivity ecosystem, they have already established partnerships with renowned industry players such as Agoda, Expedia, British Airways Holidays, Lastminute.com, Trip.com, Hotelbeds, On the Beach, Love Holidays, Avoris, Logitravel, and many others. These esteemed companies have joined their network and are already reaping the benefits of its extensive connectivity capabilities.

TravelgateX takes pride in having one of the largest travel networks worldwide. Their website provides a full list of their partners, including industry leaders and niche providers from around the globe. With a single integration to their API, customers can access their vast network of buyers and sellers, revolutionizing the way they do business in the travel industry. 


Interview with Anders Kjong CCO at WebBeds Europe. 

TravelgateX, as a prominent connectivity marketplace in the travel industry, faces a significant challenge: ensuring that its cloud infrastructure can scale elastically to meet its growing demands while minimizing costs

With increasing volumes of travel product offerings and faster processing times required, TravelgateX needs a solution that allows for optimal resource utilization through container orchestration with Kubernetes compute excellence. Additionally, TravelgateX seeks a cloud provider that helps lower traffic costs and overall infrastructure expenses to maximize their profitability and investment in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Through its partnership with Huawei Cloud, TravelgateX has found a solution that meets these requirements, enabling faster processing times, higher reliability, and an enhanced user experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Iñaki Fuentes, COO at TravelgateX said: "As TravelgateX grows, we face the challenge of scaling cloud infrastructure while cutting costs. Huawei Cloud helps us meet this need with container orchestration and Kubernetes compute excellence for optimal resource use, lowering traffic costs. Our partnership ensures faster processing times, higher reliability, and a better user experience while increasing our profitability by reducing the operational costs."


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TravelgateX data and transactions.


TravelgateX's solution

TravelgateX isn't just connecting the travel industry, it's revolutionizing it with powerful API and inventory tools. Businesses gain effortless access to hotels, rates, and availability, while a seamless platform lets travel agents and operators expand offerings quickly. TravelgateX focuses on buyer-seller connections, fostering partnerships and maximizing distribution.

Whether it's finding the best room rates or real-time availability, clients leverage the platform for a competitive edge. Transparency and control are key, assuring users of fair transactions. This commitment to innovation streamlines operations and enhances the user experience, redefining travel booking for the future. With TravelgateX, global travel distribution becomes accessible, reliable, and scalable.

Hotel pull connection

Copia de Pull connection

Forget sifting through countless hotel websites; TravelgateX is shaking up the game with its "hotel pull connection." This innovative tool acts like a personal assistant, pulling data from a vast network of hotels and delivering a single, customized response based on your needs. No more endless searches, just the perfect hotel options with every request.

This "pull" approach lets you tailor your search by specific criteria, saving you precious time and ensuring you find the perfect fit for your clients. Imagine offering a wider range of hotels while streamlining the booking process - that's the power of TravelgateX.

And it's not just about convenience. TravelgateX empowers businesses to operate more efficiently by cutting down search times and ensuring accurate matches. This translates to happier clients and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

In short, TravelgateX is transforming the way we find hotels, making bookings faster, smarter, and more profitable. So ditch the endless scrolling and let TravelgateX pull your perfect hotel experience into focus.

Hotel push connection

Copia de Push connection-1

TravelgateX is a tech wizard that's shaking up the travel industry. They built a special tool like a magic key that unlocks access to tons of hotels, all in one click. No more searching endless websites, this key delivers the perfect hotel options for your needs, instantly.

This isn't just about convenience, it's about saving time and money. TravelgateX lets businesses pick exactly what they want, like the best prices or specific locations, and finds the perfect match quickly. It's like having a personal hotel assistant, working 24/7!

And the best part? TravelgateX is super clear about everything, so you always know what you're getting. They're changing how hotels are found and booked, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for everyone.


Direct contracts 

Direct contracts

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and endless emails! TravelgateX, a tech whiz in the travel world, just launched a solution to simplify how hotels manage their bookings. Imagine connecting to over 40 booking platforms at once, all through one easy-to-use system.

Hoteliers rejoice! This tool lets you set room rates, manage availability, and organize all your contracted rooms in one place. Plus, you can even give access to different providers, making teamwork a breeze.

But it's not just about saving time - TravelgateX makes things clear and simple. You'll always know what's going on with your bookings, giving you peace of mind.

This magic tool promises to not only help hotels run smoother, but also create a better booking experience for everyone involved. Travel agents and tourists, get ready for easier searches and happier travels!



The Huawei Cloud implementation

Simple architecture diagram

As a leading connectivity marketplace in the travel industry, TravelgateX relies on cutting-edge technology to optimize its operations. 

The company's partnership with Huawei Cloud allows for seamless integration of advanced security measures, beginning with a first layer of Anti-DDoS attack protection provided by the platform. From there, traffic is routed to either managed Kubernetes clusters with Cloud Container Engine (CCE) or virtual machines with Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), both equipped with Auto Scaling policies and balanced across multiple Availability Zones (AZ) using Elastic Load Balance (ELB). This ensures high availability and optimal resource utilization through container orchestration with Cloud Container Engine (CCE). TravelgateX's use of Huawei Cloud's services is closely monitored through Cloud Eye Service (CES), Log Tank Service (LTS), and Application Operations Management (AOM), while Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides a secure environment for all operations. 

As the travel industry continues to evolve, TravelgateX remains committed to delivering best-in-class service, backed by innovative technology partnerships like Huawei Cloud.

Discover TravelgateX with Huawei Cloud!



Iñaki Fuentes, COO TravelgateX & Team Huawei Cloud. FITUR Madrid.