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CON-X interview: Bibiana Mojarro, Commercial Manager at N&C Advertising

“CON-X is the type of event we need”

N&C Advertising, sponsor of Con-X 2019 explains in this interview how a group of experts dedicated to marketing and communication was born, and we analyze the critical role of creativity in the technology of the tourism sector.

When was N&C Advertising born?

The company was born under the guidance of a group of experts in the sector in 1996, who had extensive experience in the world of marketing communication and advertising. It was founded with a clear goal, to provide dynamism, deliver expertise and service to the industry and media agencies while operating at a very competitive cost to cover the needs of each client.

How are you helping your clients?

Our work with companies and our expertise in the field has allowed us to guide our clients towards business growth and ensure we deliver the results that they need. We are fully committed to the projects. We work very closely with our customers in the development of their communication, marketing, and advertising strategy by guiding and implementing the best options to obtain the expected results. Their success is also our success.

Do you offer a professional accompaniment to your clients?

Indeed, business support must be present along this path towards business growth. We plan all the actions together and rigorously measure the results to achieve the established objectives.

How do you create a successful ad campaign?

To obtain the best results in advertising, we must first listen and identify the needs that each client poses to us. Then from that point, we work on a customized strategy. An effective campaign always starts with a complete brief and clear goals. The actions taken are then adjusted depending on those established objectives.

From the point of view of marketing and creativity…how is the travel industry different to other sectors?

Nowadays, the technology can be found in every action that we promote, which is why the travel and tourism industry has experienced a remarkable dynamism and is developing rapidly. By implementing the technology in marketing and digital advertising we are seeing the first results and the difference may not be as noticeable, in other sectors.

On the other hand, creativity is another point to keep mind. A good campaign with bad creativity won’t get the expected results, just as a marketing action and poorly focused advertising can be ‘saved’ by strong creativity. Ideally, both technology and creativity will be taken into consideration in future actions for a successful campaign.

What impact are the Internet and the information society having on Creative-Advertising?

A dramatic impact. We live in a world of immediacy and results. Technology brings companies closer to their customers, and this makes us able to know almost in “real time” what the consumer wants.

Loyalty, trust, quality, and commitment. How do you create, or destroy a brand?

A brand must be created based on passion, have clear objectives and work on reputation from the first moment. Reputation is closely linked to trust, which makes a successful marketing, communication and advertising environment almost assured. Similarly, the absence of trust is what leads a business to be destroyed.

What challenges are technology and travel companies facing in marketing and digital advertising and how should they prepare for it?

With continuous staff training and making sure they are aware of the latest trends and emerging challenges. Product knowledge is essential and understanding everything their brand can do for their target audience is what will really make a long-term difference. But above all else, they must be able to count on a good advisor or consultant like N&C to guide them throughout the whole process.

What brings you to CON-X? Do you think it can help the participants?

In such a digitalized environment and in a country like Spain which has a clear vocation for innovation and tourism, CON-X is the right place to start. N&C Advertising is committed to helping participants and advise on the implementation and management of their advertising and communication marketing campaigns to obtain successful results.

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