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TravelgateX has participated in Hosteltur’s Conference of Hotel Distribution

Jose Diaz: “Hoteliers should work to reduce their distance with their final consumer”

Jose Diaz, CCO of TravelgateX was one of the speakers of the Conference of Hotel Distribution by Hosteltur that took place in Hotel Valparaiso (Palma). In his conference, he explained the complex process of Hotel Distribution and the management of reservations made by customers. In the same sense, he also spoke about the most used technologies in the travel and tourism industry, metasearch engines, and the long journey towards conversion.

Jose Diaz explained that “connectivity is something that allows you to control more how the hotel product is distributed, since nowadays the B2B players are becoming more technological than tourist”. He was making reference to the changes that are looming in terms of integrations in the forthcoming years. In addition, and reflecting on the aforementioned topic, Jose commented that many OTAS already require a large quantity of product in many destinations, competitive prices, minimization of the purchase effort, immediate and fast product with availability at all times.

The speakers of the conference.

In his conference, he also pointed out that the main challenge for hotels is and will continue to be, to reduce the distance with their final consumers, since in many cases they have handed over their distribution to large operators and the exit would be to understand that technology is Key to diversify the distribution of the hotel product in order to reduce this dependence.

The solution: TravelgateX

TravelgateX, based in Mallorca, is the largest global connection marketplace and connects more than 600 suppliers and more than 200 customers from 35 countries. The volume of business that is managed through TravelgateX is about 3.2 billion euros per year. Thanks to this technology, the Metasearch Engine is capable of helping to generate 1 reservation every 8 seconds, 3,000 online connections and more than 9 million euros per day which are moving in the travel sector thanks to the connections.

The aim of this technological company is to continue working and innovating in order to allow companies to transform the way they market, sell and operate. TravelgateX also provides technological infrastructure and marketing know-how to help them make the most of the power of the network, and interact with other companies in a simple and effective way.

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