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TravelgateX is bringing the global travel industry together at Con-X 2019 held in Mallorca

This pioneer B2B conference will be the first of its kind and leading travel companies from all over the world will come together to participate in an intense day of networking and innovation talks.

Speakers CON-X 2019

TravelgateX has now been serving and connecting companies around the world for seven years. For 2019, the team decided it was time to ”de-virtualize” their partners and offer a space where everyone could get to know each other in person. Con-X 2019 is the first annual conference organized by this marketplace and aims to bring to Mallorca over 300 partners from around the world. The event will be held in a majestic 13th-century Mallorcan Finca founded by Oliver de Termes, one of King James I of Aragon knights.

Three pillars of the company

CON-X is based around the three pillars of the company: Network, Innovation, and Partnership. During the event, the attendees will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other professionals, attend talks and hear from intrepid companies certain to inspire. Attendees will also participate in tactical workshops specially designed to discover new business opportunities.

Alfonso Paredes, Expedia Group VP Europe & Latam; Terry Von Bibra VP Europe of Alibaba Group; Isaac Hernández Country Manager of Google; Manny Fontenla, President Logitravel Group; Andrés García, CFO Hotelbeds; Fernando Cuesta, senior vice president Amadeus Group; Nigel Horne, CEO Europe Webbeds; Martin Kleinman, Director Hotel Partnership Lastminute.com; Kotaro Kumagai, Travel Product Manager of Rakuten; Gloria Macias-Lizaso, Enterprise Commercial Lead Microsoft; Carlos Rios, CTO at HotelUrbano; Lee Hayhurst, Editor Chief Travolution; Natalia Bayona from the UWNTO and Ginés Martínez CEO of Jumbo Tours, are some of the speakers attending the event. Panels of experts will be set up for technology and tourism-related topics, as well as round-tables exclusively for B2B and B2C discussions.

CON-X is a leap of faith organized by this young and fast-growing company passionately led by Pedro Camara, himself a computer engineer. TravelgateX is the leading marketplace helping its partners to multiply their business. The company processes 2+ billion searches every day, connects 300+ buyers and 600+ sellers around the world. A dizzying sum of 2 terabytes of data per day is analyzed and processed to present, forecast and compare the performance and trends of the entire travel industry. TravelgateX offers unique products such as Hotel-X, Insights-X, Channel-X, which helps its partners to increase traffic, sales, connections, and access more benefits through the Hub.

15 success stories that will inspire the attendees of CON-X

The TravelgateX team has chosen the most impressive technology and tourism-related stories to help awaken creativity, inspiration as well as provide useful, quality information for attendees. Among them will be:

  • Terry Von Bibra, GM Europe of Alibaba Group, Executive Director of Germany in Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Von Bibra has extensive experience in the global retail sector of e-commerce and omnichannel. He played a vital role in the establishment of Amazon in Europe.
  • Isaac Hernández, Country Manager of Google Cloud for Spain and Portugal, has also confirmed his participation. Isaac developed his professional career for 20 years at Microsoft but was later hired by Google to develop and direct the strategy of the company’s division which is focused on companies in Spain and Portugal.
  • Manny Fontenla-Novoa, Logitravel President, will also be attending CON-X. Manny was CEO and head of Thomas Cook for over 10 years before joining Logitravel.
  • Nigel Horne, CEO at WebBeds Europe. Nigel has extensive global experience in the distribution of online and offline travel in multiple customer segments, with large-scale P&L responsibility.
  • From Brazil, we will welcome Carlos Ríos (Zanaca), CTO Hotel Urbano, a technology and software expert. Expert in web and mobile applications, but also a specialist in JavaScript development, Node, Ruby, PHP, Python, React and Native React among many other technologies.
  • Alfonso Paredes, from Expedia Group VP Europe & Latam; Andrés García, CFO Hotelbeds; Fernando Cuesta, senior vice president Amadeus Group; Martin Kleinman, Director Hotel Partnership Lastminute.com; Kotaro Kumagai, Travel Product Manager of Rakuten; Gloria Macias-Lizaso, Enterprise Commercial Lead will be the ones who will show how technology and innovation can transform the most traditional businesses in the world.

Furthermore, the CON-X will also feature moderators such as Jumbo Tours’ CEO Ginés Martínez, the editor of Travolution Lee Hayhurst as well as Natalia Bayona, UNWTO innovation specialist.

Structuring the event are TravelgateX’s three pillars

Network: Businesses are made up of people, and those people have relationships and links with the communities in which they live. A network is key for any business; it’s where new associations are created, and existing ones are strengthened.

Innovation: Be inspired by the leaders and innovators of the industry, learn what they have already done, what they are doing now and what they are going to do in the future.

Partnership: People are what matter most in business and everyone will be at CON-X, including the C-Level of the most influential companies in the industry. You just can not afford to miss out on this opportunity.

Accommodation for attendees

Right from the start of the project, Zafiro Hotels has strongly supported CON-X and are the proud hosts of our speakers.  TravelgateX has also secured exclusive discounts at other hotels in Mallorca, where our Attendees will be staying.

Zafiro Team with Jose Díaz, Taylan Traspinar, and Marian Ruiz.

Special thanks to our sponsors!

We also have the support of partners such as Zafiro Hotels, Google, Worldline, Welcomebeds, N&C Advertising, Interrias, SoundWalkrs, Expedia Group, Webbeds, Hotelinking, EconomiadeMallorcaSon Termes, Innovation Hub Travel Edition by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Conector, Smyrooms. We also have the contribution of La Paloma Events and GO Consulting.

The program

Carefully prepared, the program has been designed to inspire attendees as well as provide them with space and opportunity to meet each other, exchange ideas and form connections. In addition to this, the TravelgateX team has an open channel in its Slack community where all attendees can meet, interact, introduce themselves and discuss in real time the day’s events.

Website CON-X: http://con-x.travelgatex.com/

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