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TravelgateX launches Customer Education to help customers in the operation of their API

TravelgateX’s Customer Success team has released two Customer Education videos with the aim of illustrating HotelX’s reservation workflow and how to activate a new connectivity in the platform.

More Customer Education videos will be posted monthly in TravelgateX’s Youtube channel. For this release, the focus was on the use of GraphQL as a base to interact with the API and the activation process of a new supplier for clients utilising the platform.

TravelgateX’s partners will find in the videos an accurate and concise explanation about the world of online connections.

Melvin Vermeulen, Manager of the Customer Education Project and member of the Customer Success team, explained that “the idea is to be able to contribute with our knowledge and professional experience on the world of connectivities in general. Another detail that we wanted to focus on is that, although the videos are in English, we will always offer subtitles in Spanish and, maybe in the future, in other languages ​​as well”.

The project is driven by data from different studies showing that the best way to learn online is through short videos of a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

“The videos that we are going to publish on our public YouTube channel will address initially topics of basic content, but which will help resolve situations where confusion may exist. The material will always be accessible, and in the future, we will be able to include them in those places where there is a specific doubt on the part of the client”, said Melvin Vermeulen.

With this initiative, the TravelgateX team continues to add creativity, agility and innovation to the platform’s partners by using didactic tools to foster best practice uses, increasing partner’s understanding of GraphQL and the tools available within the platform.

The TravelgateX Success team works closely with over 150 clients every day, helping them optimise their connectivities through direct and personalised support.

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