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TravelgateX will present InsightsX at the annual Google Cloud Summit

On June 12, the Big Data team part of TravelgateX, a technology company based in Mallorca, will participate in the annual Google Cloud Spain conference to present one of their products — Insights-X. A data-driven tool, which allows the optimization of the B2B travel business.

One on hand, it helps companies to see which destinations are more attractive to the tourists and what markets emit the most volume of trips. But it also enables us to see and learn about travelers behavior.

You can see all the cheapest reservations that were made, visualize where tourists spend the most money and contrast millions of transactions that occur in this B2B virtual market of tourist connections.

Insights-X shows the results to the users and all the data that it processes daily: more than 2,000 million searches per day, over than 20,000 daily reservations and 2TB of data analyzed every day. Thanks to this large volume of data, Insights-X provides a competitive analysis so that any customer can see market trends, their position against other competitors, detect and carry out improvements to grow their business.

TravelgateX provides valuable data for the travel industry, and during the Google Cloud Summit Spain, the team will be able to explain how, through Insights-X, global supply and demand can be traced in all markets and understand the preferences of B2B clients.

With this tool, hoteliers can now access precise data of their properties and compare their performance with their competitive environment through benchmarking. They are also able to track trends in occupation, demand, ADR, new emerging markets, reserves, just to name a few.

Google Cloud Summit is held annually in the city of Madrid. On this occasion, it will focus on innovation, expertise, creativity, and technology. A day in which there will be technical and strategic sessions about the Cloud ecosystem, which is growing rapidly in the market. We will also deal with topics adaptable to any profile and that can affect many disciplines such as data management, intelligent analytics, application development.

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