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Willem Fokke from MG Bedbank: “ We are expanding rapidly and we believe that TravelgateX can support us”

MG Bedbank comprises of seven major distribution channels, namely, MG Bedbank, Abacus RoomDeal, Rajakamar.com, Corporate RoomDeal, MyHotelFinder and Lalalaway.com. Each channel is uniquely and solidly positioned in their respective market segments.

MG Bedbank is the most trusted and preferred hotel wholesaler to the travel industry in Southeast Asia. They have around 400 staff located in 12 locations across the region (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong). With over 5,000 hotels directly contracted alongside 350,000 hotels worldwide via suppliers, they serve more than 4,500 active travel companies and generate over 2,500,000 room nights per year.

Willem Fokke, Head of Sales and Business Intelligence explains how MG Bedbank company is working with TravelgateX to meet their business goals and growth.

Why did you decide to use TravelgateX?

The stories we heard from TravelgateX were positive. Besides that, we’re aggressively expanding and think that TravelgateX can support us with the growth we’re looking for.

What is in your perspective the USP of our Platform?

Different from other platforms is that you’re able to offer MG Bedbank a unique position by being a preferred partner. This means we get the exposure that will promote us in the right ways. By having this agreement in place it also makes it a lot easier for clients to connect.

How important is this association and what can you offer?

By linking up with TravelgateX we’re looking to connect with clients faster and in a more cost-effective manner. We see our products are appealing to those companies looking for excellent content in Southeast Asia.

Often these companies receive our content through other bedbanks and global aggregators. Our collaboration with TravelgateX allows these companies to get our product more easily. Some of the obvious advantages are more flexibility, better rates, and better customer service.

How has MG Holiday benefited from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?

The very first results still have to be gotten, but the prospects look promising.

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