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“With TravelgateX we can find lots of clients and suppliers”

Luca Fenzo, Managing Director WHL, Albatravel Group

Today, we are interviewing Luca Fenzo, director of WHL Albatravel Group, who tells us about his experience in our marketplace. He also talks about the benefits of being a TravelgateX partner and how it helps AlbaTravel achieve its business goals.

  • Why did you decide to use TravelgateX?

TravelgateX is a strategic distribution partner for WHL product. Our portfolio of 6.500 properties allows us to be one of the main players in the international travel industry and has a specialised, competitive and appealing offer for Travelgate customers. As a one-stop-shop connecter, TravelgateX helps our business to link to our suppliers using a single integration. By aggregating clients and suppliers through one API it helps expedites our objectives quickly and become a high-performance business.

  • What is in your perspective the USP of our Platform?

One of the advantages of our partnership is the Premium partner Program, as this lowers the barrier to participation for clients and suppliers. With this agreement we only pay on mutual beneficial business generated.

  • Which departments in your company are in contact with the platform?

TravelgateX is in contact with all WHL departments involved in the decision-making process of the integration. This means from the IT department for successful technology implementation, to the commercial department for negotiating better contract conditions, from the sales department to manage relations with customers and provide booking assistance to the business development department to follow product news and service updates.

  • What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable?

With TravelgateX we can find lots of clients and suppliers, all connected in one box, one API in and one API out, so we can maximise profits, reach clients through one point of contact with no need to develop different connectivities by linking customers and providers into one solution.

  • What could we do better?

We are very satisfied with the partnership with TravelgateX and we hope we that a joint and continuous collaboration will bring new improvements for a mutual benefit. At the moment the speed of activation of the clients could be a possible issue to consider.

  • Would you recommend working with TravelgateX and why?

Yes, for many of the reasons described above. The success of the collaboration depends on the business model we have in place and the approachability of the senior management.

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