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Would you like to talk to people who share the same technology and travel interests ?

Our Slack community

Many of us remember forms of chats from back in the day like ICQ or IRC, Infovía and many others that have appeared over the years. These different forms of chats represent some of the first mechanisms we had to communicate over the internet, and we will always remember them.

Perhaps the main feature that separated these chats from modern day social media platform is the fact that they were open to the public and anybody could chat freely with other users without the need to previously accept them. This allowed people to interact with one and other freely sharing information and knowledge on their hobbies and passions. I still remember a Yahoo group I followed purely for the content they shared about journalism and graphic design, it was great!

As time went on and technologies advanced, new free ways of sharing content and knowledge appeared for the public.

Nowadays we find ourselves using the well known #Slack as a main form of communicating different topics between public communities we feel can contribute and benefit us all.

Slack was initially created as a messaging service for companies and work teams, but thanks to its easy of use and fun, many have begun creating public communities. In TravelgateX we have not fallen short and we are happy to propose the first community for tourism and technology in which we would like to involve people who want to contribute, share knowledge and news of the sector.

The good thing about Slack is that you can be in many communities at once and share everything you want. So our team have created this public channel that we hope will benefit us all.

As you know, most of the professionals from the sector visit these communities to expand knowledge and not to promote other topics.

Feel free to check it out and we hope to see you soon in: slack.travelgatex.com

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