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Full Solution, the solution for static and dynamic rates

TravelgateX launches its "Full Solution" to optimize sales of hotel bookings with static and dynamic rates.This solution is ready for those travel companies that want to maximize their profits. Thus, they will be able to save time by focusing the sale of their product without the need to have their own API, reaching more than 600 buyers in the travel market who are looking for this type of specialized products.

The TravelgateX solution proposal is mainly based on 4 important points:

  • Helping partners to sell their product to the platform's customer base without the need to have their own API.
  • Save time and focus your resources on selling your product.
  • More than 600 buyers in the marketplace are looking for specialized products, so it is a good opportunity. 
  • Source product from suppliers, aggregate it, and then distribute it to your own customers. 
  • Load your own static product into our Inventory extranet.
  • Set up and manage multiple business rules for each buyer using our easy-to-use Distribution interface. 

In a context of industry transformation and the need for reinvention, it is more necessary than ever to have agile platforms that provide customers with all the options that match their searches, including availability and conditions, in real time. TravelgateX provides a Full Solution so that companies in the sector can buy and sell their products in a fast, agile and worry-free way. 

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