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The reseller, the king of travel connectivity

12/16/19 12:14 PM

“We want everything, and we want it now” – this is the starting point when talking about the reseller role, the new king of travel connectivity and a new key concept that has come to TravelgateX to stay, grow and revolutionise the sector with a clear, certain motto that is: “why would I settle for one thing when I can have IT ALL.”

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Is your company ready for a digital transformation?

12/5/19 11:23 AM

Smart Cities, Big Data, Apps, Nube, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, CRM’s, Connectivity… these are some of the concepts hiding behind so-called Digital Transformation. We see and hear about them every day, but in many Spanish companies they are hardly implemented. There are many who, despite all the signs, continue to believe that they can keep their businesses going turning their backs to the digital changes that are happening all around us, constantly.
According to data in the report “The challenge of the Digital Transformation of the economy, Spain 4.0” published by Siemens, the vast majority of the Spanish business network has access to the internet, and 75% have their own website. But they stop there. 
For example, only 20% of Spanish companies are present on social networks, only 16% sell online and less than 30% of the companies have a CRM to optimally manage their customer data. This is an era where data is the new gold!

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What does Big Data mean for B2B businesses?

11/19/19 10:00 AM

These days many refer to it as “the new digital oil” and not without reason. More than half of B2B companies in Europe are already contemplating powerful investments in what is known as Big Data, and they expect data analysis to be a key factor for the future of their businesses. 
In the tourism sector, in particular, we live in an era where over information can be a problem, where excess data blocks us and creates a wall that prevents us from seeing beyond the immediate. The coveted and sought-after data we receive is of little use on its own unless we have specifically designed tools at hand to analyze them and extract valuable information that allows our business to grow.
The big dream of Big Data is just that: converting all the scattered information into strategies that will actually help improve sales. In order to do so, we need more and more tools for Business Intelligence, tools that take care of reading the data and extract so-called ‘business signals’ from it.

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