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TravelgateX Joins Telefónica's Tourism Innovation Hub for Sector Digitalization

Hub Telefonica

TravelgateX, the global travel connections marketplace, is pleased to announce its incorporation into Telefónica Spain's Tourism Innovation Hub (HIT). This initiative, which brings together more than 40 companies and institutions in the sector, aims to accelerate the digitisation of tourism destinations, generate useful information and foster collaboration and innovation to achieve more sustainable tourism.

TravelgateX will bring to the HIT its extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, as well as its advanced technological solutions. The company has an extensive database of tourism destinations and products, as well as a leading technology platform that enables suppliers and buyers around the world to connect and transact efficiently.

HIT is a strategic initiative for the Spanish tourism sector. With the collaboration of leading companies such as TravelgateX, the hub will be able to develop innovative solutions that will help tourism destinations improve the visitor experience, increase efficiency and promote sustainable development.

"We are very proud to join Telefónica's Tourism Innovation Hub," says Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX. "This initiative has great potential to transform the Spanish tourism sector, and we are confident that our experience and knowledge will be of great value to the hub."

The HIT will focus on the following key areas:

Accelerating the digitalisation of tourism destinations: the hub will promote the use of digital technologies to improve the management of tourism destinations, including the creation of smart platforms, the implementation of big data systems and the use of artificial intelligence.
Generation of useful information: The HIT will create a "datalake" that will gather information on tourism destinations, visitors and the sector in general. This information will be used to develop new tools and services that will help tourism destinations make better decisions.
Fostering collaboration and innovation: The hub will promote collaboration between companies in the tourism sector to develop new innovative solutions. It will also organise events and workshops to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The creation of the Telefónica Tourism Innovation Hub is an important step for the future of the Spanish tourism sector. With the collaboration of leading companies such as TravelgateX, the hub has the potential to transform the sector and make it more sustainable, competitive and efficient.