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Jari Virtanen
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Jari Virtanten at CON-X 2024: "No limits, just focus"

6/4/24 7:51 AM

At CON-X 2024, Jari Virtanten participated in a round table, giving an inspiring talk on the importance of focus and customer value in the travel industry. He emphasized the need for a strategic approach to technology investment, highlighting that dispersing resources can hinder overall efficiency. Instead, Virtanten advocated concentrating efforts on delivering relevant and valuable products to customers through technology.

Virtanten, a speaker at CON-X 2024, cautioned against limiting ourselves, but stressed the importance of strategic investment in technology. We need to be aware of where we invest our money in technology. We tend to invest everywhere and, as a result, we don't stand out anywhere. There are no limits, but we should focus on customer value and make sure we offer a relevant product, which is largely through technology today.

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Insights from Alex Gisbert: The transformative power of collaboration at CON-X 2024

6/3/24 2:14 PM

At CON-X 2024, Alex Gisbert, a seasoned travel entrepreneur, and event moderator, shared his valuable insights on the evolution of the conference and the exciting developments within the travel tech industry. Here are the key takeaways from his remarks:

Having participated in all the CON-X events, Alex observed a significant shift in the focus and energy of attendees. Initially, people attended to learn and discover the event's potential. This year, however, the emphasis has moved towards active collaboration and business creation. Attendees arrived with pre-scheduled meetings and a clear intention to form alliances and drive tangible business outcomes.

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CON-X 2024: Embracing the future of travel: Insights from easyJet Holidays' Paul Bixby

6/3/24 12:33 PM

At CON-X 2024, Paul Bixby, speaker and CCO of easyJet Holidays, shared his enthusiastic vision for the future of the travel industry. Bixby's insights reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of travel today, offering a glimpse into the opportunities and challenges ahead.

“We live in an exciting time; travel is an expanding market,” Bixby began. The recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed vitality to the travel sector. As capacity returns, consumers find themselves with a wealth of options, marking a period of growth and opportunity. “It’s a great time for consumers because there’s so much choice,” Bixby added, emphasizing the positive impact of this expansion on travellers.

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