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PRESS RELEASE | TravClan and TravelgateX Partner to enhance global Enhance Global Inventory Access

4/12/24 8:23 AM

TravClan,a fast-growing B2B Travel Platform, has announced its strategic partnership with TravelgateX, aleading B2B global marketplacefor the travel industry. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in reshaping the landscape of travel industry connectivity and enhancing the travel experience for travel agents and their customers worldwide.

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TravClan: Reshaping the travel Industry through innovation and seamless customer experiences

4/4/24 8:31 AM

Chirag Agrawal discusses TravClan's evolution from a community-building initiative for travel agents to a one-stop, tech-driven travel services platform. Amidst COVID challenges, TravClan introduced free personalized websites for agents and an on-trip app for customers, emphasizing technology and customer service. The partnership with TravelgateX boosts TravClan's inventory, connectivity, and market insights, aiding global expansion and innovation.

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TravelgateX announces strategic Partnership with Hopper

3/19/24 7:42 AM

TravelgateX, the global travel connections market network, has announced a strategic partnership with Hopper, a global travel platform, poised for impressive growth as demand for travel renews. This new partnership will connect Hopper and its HTS (Hopper Technology Solutions) partners with hotels and hotel chains globally and allow bookings to flow through TravelgateX. 

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DTS Travel: Merging tradition with technology for travel success in the Americas

3/18/24 8:46 AM

Enrique Dieux, CEO of DTS Travel, opens the door to the company's exciting history. From its beginnings as a traditional agency to becoming an online hotel sales giant in LATAM, DTS Travel has demonstrated a unique ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market.

In this interview, Enrique shares with us the keys to DTS Travel's success, including its unwavering commitment to customer service, its commitment to innovative technology, and its successful partnership with TravelgateX.

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