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Equipo y Twenix
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Twenix English training: Enhancing international communication at TravelgateX

2/12/24 8:10 AM

TravelgateX has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the highly competitive tourism industry, setting a new standard for innovation and sustainable progress. Its primary objective is to streamline trade between tourism businesses worldwide, offering a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes communication and operational efficiency.

From its humble beginnings as a solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of Logitravel, one of Spain's largest online travel agencies (OTAs), TravelgateX has blossomed into an independent enterprise under the astute leadership of CEO Pedro Camara and CTO Oscar Perez.

Today, the company distinguishes itself in the market through its unrivaled efficiency and remarkable ability to adapt to challenging circumstances. This is largely thanks to its dynamic and flexible team, whose adaptability has become the company's greatest asset.


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Portada Partner New
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Revolutionizing travel connectivity: The innovative Partnership between TravelgateX and Xcale

2/7/24 11:49 AM

In a strategic partnership aimed at redefining access to booking technology for the travel market, TravelgateX, a leader in connectivity solutions for the tourism industry, is pleased to announce its recent agreement with Xcale, a provider of consulting services and advanced booking engine software solutions.
The main objective of this strategic agreement is to provide Xcale with TravelgateX's extensive network of clients and suppliers, making its cutting-edge booking software accessible to both blue chip companies (stable businesses with high levels of liquidity) and companies within the industry.

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TravelgateX & Partners mark strong presence at FITUR 2024 with a record number of meetings and strategic collaborations

1/30/24 12:22 PM

During the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2024, TravelgateX reached an important milestone by coordinating more than 1,500 meetings at their booth for the first time: booth 8D62. The marketplace, known for handling 6.5 billion hotel searches a year and facilitating over 40,000 hotel bookings daily, seized the opportunity to reinforce its leadership role in the industry by promoting connectivity and collaboration.

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TravelgateX: Boosting Connections at Madrid's FITUR 2024

11/30/23 10:58 AM

TravelgateX debuts at FITUR 2024 with an innovative stand in Madrid, showcasing its marketplace and networking opportunities to fuel business growth.

Annually, managing 6.5 billion hotel searches globally, TravelgateX stands out as a leader in the tourism connection industry. Also, with more than 40,000 daily hotel bookings, it demonstrates a positive impact on the market. Boasting over 1,000 partners, it shows a capacity for fostering successful associations in the industry with a business volume of over 3.5 trillion dollars.

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Booking Agora
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BookingAgora: Turkish B2B giant eyes global expansion with TravelgateX partnership

11/21/23 9:21 AM

BookingAgora, founded in 2016, has emerged as one of the leading B2B players in the Turkish market. Its product portfolio encompasses hotels, flights, car rental, transfers and tours. Initially locally focused, the company is now looking to go global with reliable distribution partners. In this interview, Kadri Ciga, Co-founder of BookingAgora, shares the evolution of the business, highlighting the key importance of technology and customer support in meeting the challenges of the global market.

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TravelgateX at Huawei Cloud Paris 2023

11/16/23 11:44 AM

TravelgateX at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS: Connecting the world of travel on a global scale

HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 PARIS has kicked off, and at this leading technology summit, TravelgateX was honored to participate and be represented by Iñaki Fuentes, COO of TravelgateX. During his speech, Fuentes shared key insights into the workings of TravelgateX connections, highlighting their crucial role in the global travel industry.

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