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CEO TravelgateX
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TravelgateX, has announced the acquisition of the technology company Quonversa, which is specialised in the automation of processes and decision-making through AI  and next-generation chatbots

12/20/22 10:20 AM

  • This acquisition is a milestone, positioning TravelgateX as a pioneer in artificial intelligence, which will immediately enable it to offer its customers improvements in both process optimisation and product selection. 

  • Quonversa is the second technology company to be acquired by TravelgateX in 2022, following the purchase of NXOdirect in October. All of this is part of the strategy of the company's new business management, which will focus its efforts on promoting and strengthening the technology of connections in the tourism sector and consultancy in hotel distribution.

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Categories: Press Release

TravelgateX enters into collaboration with Fliggy to expand global reach

11/23/22 7:44 AM

TravelgateX, a global market leader in online hotel inventory distribution and B2B connectivity, today announced a service provider partnership with Fliggy, a leading online travel platform in China. The tie-up enables Fliggy to access the global hotel inventory of TravelgateX via a single connection in real time, thereby providing Fliggy users with accommodation options hosted by TravelgateX in addition to Fliggy’s current portfolio of hotel offerings. It also allows hospitality industry players worldwide to access consumers on the Fliggy platform.

Founded in 2012, TravelgateX is now the world’s leading marketplace for the travel trade. Through a single connection, TravelgateX provides a gateway to the largest network of hotel inventory for buyers and sellers. Any company connected to the TravelgateX network can buy and sell seamlessly to each other, regardless of their size or current technology.

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Increase your sales by partnering with TravelgateX DMCs

10/19/22 7:41 AM

Did you know that at TravelgateX marketplace you can interact with more than 200 DMC’s?

This allows you to increase your potential exponentially in just a few clicks. These companies know better than anyone their destinations and are therefore one of the best partners to have if you want to offer a combination of great, limited and niche products worldwide.

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Victor Escalabeds
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Interview: Victor McKenna, Head of sales Escalabeds

10/5/22 12:00 AM

Victor McKenna joined Escalabeds five years ago, a company that has been in the travel business for over 40 years. 
Escalabeds is a reliable and competitive distribution channel that helps hotels reduce global dependence on B2B through today's major market leaders, while ensuring the integrity and respect of the hotel business model.
In this interview, Victor explains us about the recovery of the sector after the covid pandemic, the reopening of borders, mainly the Asian ones, as a great opportunity for the sector. 

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