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ChatBot-X powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service technology speaker at CON-X 2023

5/4/23 9:17 AM

The ChatBot -X based on Azure OpenAI natural language models, has been invited to participate as a speaker at the upcoming CON-X 2023 conference in Mallorca. ChatBot -X will participate live and answer questions at the round table and from the audience.

Mallorca will once again be at the centre of the global B2B hotel distribution scene thanks to Con-X 2023. On 10 May, more than 350 executives representing the most influential companies in the hotel distribution industry will attend a conference to discuss new technological trends in the market and the use of artificial intelligence; its personalization and depersonalization.

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SPONSOR CON-X 2023: Interview Samuel Selma, Executive Vice President Hotels Viajes el Corte Inglés

5/3/23 8:46 AM

The travel industry continues to go through a period of major key decisions for executives. At CON-X 2023, industry leaders such as Samuel Selma, Executive Vice President Hotels Viajes el Corte Inglés, shares his views on his own decision-making processes in this interview. With extensive industry experience, Samuel Selma explains the key trends in travel retailing today, including the growing importance of sustainability and the rapid growth of AI. He also shares his outlook on the year ahead and how his company plans to expand its reach through ambitious growth plans in product and distribution. 

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SPONSOR CON-X 2023: Interview Jonathan Inman, Chief Mergers Officer Go Global

4/27/23 10:37 AM

In this interview, Jonathan Inman from Go Global shares his approach to decision-making in times of uncertainty, highlighting the importance of focusing on goals and values to achieve results. He also discusses current trends in tourism distribution, including adapting to new traveller demands and consolidation. Jonathan shares his company's growth goals for the year, citing successful partnerships as a key factor. Finally, he offers his company's product and service as a potential solution for CON-X participants.

- We live in a period of high uncertainty, in which the main challenge for managers is decision-making. At Con-X we will talk about this, but could you tell us about your own case? How do you deal with decision-making in your company?
- Uncertainty could be a challenge in our industry, but I consider something very important in this type of situations, FOCUS. Keeping right view of 2 main things: the goals - in order to be organized and avoid distraction - and values - to maximize with them results, no matter the uncertain situation.

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Xunta de Galicia and Camino de Santiago, back CON-X 2023

4/26/23 12:00 AM

Xunta de Galicia and Camino de Santiago come to Mallorca to learn about technological trends in global tourism. Xunta de Galicia and Camino de Santiago will sponsor, for the second time, the international conference CON-X 2023, which will take place in Mallorca on 10 May and will be attended by world leaders in the global tourism sector.

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