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PKFARE Partners with TravelgateX to streamline hotel connections and expand global network

7/4/23 9:38 AM

Jason Sui, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of PKFARE, discusses how the collaboration with TravelgateX has helped PKFARE overcome challenges in hotel content integration, accelerate business connections, and drive efficiency in the travel industry. Jason recommends other travel companies to consider partnering with TravelgateX for enhanced innovation and market responsiveness.

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Victor Escalabeds
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Interview: Victor McKenna, Head of sales Escalabeds

10/5/22 12:00 AM

Victor McKenna joined Escalabeds five years ago, a company that has been in the travel business for over 40 years. 
Escalabeds is a reliable and competitive distribution channel that helps hotels reduce global dependence on B2B through today's major market leaders, while ensuring the integrity and respect of the hotel business model.
In this interview, Victor explains us about the recovery of the sector after the covid pandemic, the reopening of borders, mainly the Asian ones, as a great opportunity for the sector. 

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Interview: Jonathan Inman, Chief Mergers Officer as Go Global Travel

9/23/22 9:45 AM

Jonathan Inman is Chief Merger Officer at Go Global. One of his main responsibilities is to ensure that all synergies are optimized between the various brands owned by his company. Jonathan considers TravelgateX to be a very strategic partner for Go Global Travel Group. "I think the most outstanding and significant value we find in TravelgateX is the ease with which we can connect new customers and suppliers," comments.

In this interview, he tells us more about strategies for the coming year and what changes the travel industry is experiencing.

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Interview: Deepak Narula, Mg Director at GRNconnect

9/16/22 1:39 PM

Deepak Narula has been in the travel industry for over 37 years. He is also the founder of the B2B hotel booking portal GRNconnect.com based in New Delhi, India, with offices in Dubai and the United States. GRN is an aggregator that buys supplies from large corporations and small DMCs. In addition, it has direct contracts with more than 10,000 hotels.

Deepak confirms that working with TravelgateX is a way to instantly connect with different suppliers and customers around the world. In this interview he also previews the outlook for the coming year and the growth he expects for his company. 

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Interview: Adam Rotfeld, CEO at Roomerang

9/16/22 12:13 PM

Adam is an entrepreneur who after working 7 years running the technology department of the Utravel group (the largest independent consortium of travel professionals in Israel), has left it to take the plunge and create his start-up Roomerang.
Roomerang was founded in 2017, and is a unique hotel booking platform that focuses on finding the most profitable deals (the biggest gaps between B2B brand to OTAS), while using ML and AI technology.

In this interview he tells us about her experience working with TravelgateX, the value added for her company as a gateway to travel, helping her connect with many of the best companies in the travel industry, and exploring new challenges by increasing collaboration with the marketplace over the past two years.

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