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GopHer Conference
Categories: Tech

Impressions of GopherCon 2023 in Berlin

7/6/23 2:12 PM

Attending GopherCon was an enriching experience! During the conference, we had the opportunity to attend several interesting talks, but there are two in particular that we would like to highlight.

The first conference titled "Go Right Ahead! Simple Hacks To Cut Memory Usage by 80%" piqued our curiosity from the beginning, as we personally enjoy topics that deal with optimization. The speaker, Yiscah Levy, started with a brief recap on the importance of optimizing projects in terms of scalability, reliability, cost reduction, and user experience. She then shared some tips for optimizing memory usage.

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Categories: Business, Interviews

PKFARE Partners with TravelgateX to streamline hotel connections and expand global network

7/4/23 9:38 AM

Jason Sui, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of PKFARE, discusses how the collaboration with TravelgateX has helped PKFARE overcome challenges in hotel content integration, accelerate business connections, and drive efficiency in the travel industry. Jason recommends other travel companies to consider partnering with TravelgateX for enhanced innovation and market responsiveness.

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panel AI Adoption
Categories: Con-X2023

Executive Panel Con-X 2023: Exploring AI adoption and its impact on our lives

6/18/23 4:15 PM

The Executive Panel Discussion on AI adoption took place recently, featuring industry experts from various companies. The panel included Daniel Hansens from Slack, Shiyi Pickrell from Expedia, Iñaki Fuentes from Quonversa, and Aroa Fernández from Microsoft, with Silvia Leal moderating the session. The discussion centered around the impact of artificial intelligence on different aspects of our lives, particularly in the workplace and the travel industry. The panel aimed to address concerns and provide insights that would inspire optimism about AI adoption. The theme of the event, "Uncut: now it's personal," emphasized the personalized and transformative potential of AI.

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Wouter Geerts
Categories: Con-X2023

CON-X 2023: Wouter Geerts explores the future of travel, AI and creativity in the industry

6/15/23 3:37 PM


  • Dr. Wouter Geerts, Head of Research at SKIFT, highlights the potential of AI in revolutionizing hotel check-ins and travel planning, emphasizing its transformative power in the industry.
  • Geert emphasizes the importance of creativity in the travel industry and the need for new strategies to attract visitors, especially as pent-up demand wanes and consumer behavior shifts.
  • The changing nature of work and global travel flows, particularly in Asia, are influencing travel patterns, while investments in the industry and the availability of capital are creating opportunities for businesses to offer unique experiences.

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