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Hotelian integrates Hotel-X API in 19 days: Total transformation achieved

8/10/23 10:59 AM

In a conversation with Pooya Aryan, accomplished Regional Manager of, we delve into the platform's distinctive offerings and his thoughts on achieving a remarkable 19-day onboarding milestone. is a digital B2B hotel booking hub that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with diverse booking methods. Aryan explains the key role of well-structured documentation in the rapid integration of the TravelgateX API, comparing it to a roadmap. The conversation highlights the crucial importance of thoughtful platform design and technical know-how to ensure a seamless integration. Aryan also sheds light on the strategic decision to adopt TravelgateX services, which facilitated seamless connectivity after ATM2023. Finally, Aryan highlights the transformative impact of information technology and artificial intelligence on the future of the hospitality industry.

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tgx academy
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TGX Academy | Introducing Stats Monitoring App

8/9/23 1:18 PM

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead requires more than just connections – it requires insights. Enter the Stats Monitoring App by TravelgateX – your key to unlocking real-time performance evaluation for your connections. Whether you're a travel professional, hotelier, or technology enthusiast, this app is tailored to elevate your understanding and optimization of your network.

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tgx alerts
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TGX Academy | Alerts Monitoring App

8/9/23 1:01 PM

In the dynamic landscape of online connectivity, staying ahead of anomalies is paramount. Enter TravelgateX's Alerts Monitoring App – your vigilant companion designed to keep you informed about any hiccups in your connections, enabling you to take immediate action. In this informative post, we unravel the capabilities of the Alerts App, shedding light on its functionalities and how you can harness its power to your advantage.

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speed app
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TGX Academy | Speed App

8/9/23 12:45 PM

In the ever-evolving world of travel bookings, speed is a critical factor that can make all the difference. Introducing TravelgateX's innovative Speed App – a tool designed to turbocharge your search response time and enhance your overall booking experience. In this post, we dive into the ins and outs of Speed, shedding light on its purpose, functionality, and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

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